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Eyelash Extensions and Faux Mink in Arlington, Texas

MaBelle in Arlington, Texas, offers semi permanent eyelash extensions using mink or faux mink materials for women 16 or over in and surrounding Arlington, Texas. These natural fine hairs are durable and be will not risk damage when in contact with water. THE FAUX MINK is generally most popular as it repels dust that may otherwise lead to dust mites in the eye.

Model, Eyelash Extensions, Faux Mink in Arlington, TX

Applying Your Eyelashes

We recommend clients come in with CLEAN (mascara and makeup free) eyes prior to scheduled appointment. A Lash Specialist meticulously isolates the clients single natural lash and then applies one strand (extension) one by one until desired fullness and style is acheived. Only the finest brand/supplies are considered when applying these eyelash extensions including Non Toxic, Safe,  Medical Grade adhesive. Clients may even Choose to LEAVE CONTACT LENSES on during installation session. Please reserve anywherre from 60 to 120 minutes during your first instal.  

Enhancing Your Beauty

Ma Belle semi permanent eyelashes are sure to enhance your Confidence and Natural Beauty while also making you look glamorous. In addition, the lashes that we provide for you do not cause damage to YOUR natural lashes and continues to support ventilation allowing them to breath, recycle, and GROW (natural lashes fall out every 60-90 days). Whether your goal is to skip a step during your normal makeup regime, or the desire to obtain that WOW appeal similar to your favorite Celebrity for your upcoming photoshoot the enticement of your eyes will be undeniable!


The Issue with Strip, Cluster & Flare  Lashes

Even though Eyelash Strips (multiple synthetic eyelash hairs bound to one strip), Flare & Cluster (clumps of lashes bound in a "v" shape) that are glued to your eyelids are popular right now; they are damaging your natural eyelashes. The adhesive is of a poorer grade unsupportive of ventillation of the natural eyelash and upon removal YOUR OWN natural lashes risk being ripped away prematurely. 

Your Desired Semi Permanent Style Awaits!


Available Styles Include:

NATURAL- (up to 45 lashes per eye) $130       

MASCARA- (up to 65 lashes per eye) $145                                                                                                             

BOLD- (up to 80 lashes per eye) $155             

EXTREME- (up to 110 lashes per eye) $170                                                                                                               

*FILLS:     1 week   - $20,        every 2 weeks    -$35,       every 3 weeks     -$50,       and    every 4 weeks   -$70 or more     EYELASH REMOVAL   - $35

Let Ma Belle Inc host your next Lash Love Party,  Bridal Shower, Photo Shoot, or put the finishing touches to all of your friends flawless appeal for Prom Day!              OUR CERTIFIED LASH Specialist will happily discuss this months promotions and discounts, dont forget to INQUIRE today! 

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